ABOUT theITSupportCenter


Founded in 2005 by IT professionals with over 40 years of experience, theITSupportCenter sought out to bring change to the IT Help Desk industry and improve corporate client efficiency. Our service is different because our approach is different. Bringing change is a never-ending quest, but in just a few short years the ITSupportCenter has grown into a leading provider of IT Help Desk Solutions. From the world’s largest organizations to America’s start-up businesses, theITSupportCenter supports over one million end-users through the use of an innovative infrastructure and thoughtful focus on end-user experience. Here at theITSupportCenter, our sole focus is the end-user and our unique approach reflects this. With support centers across the United States, theITSupportCenter chases the sun to provide world-class IT support to your employees where they need it and when they need it.

Strategic Partners

theITSupportCenter strategically partners with a range of leading business software and application providers to ensure that we offer the best levels of support to our customers.


We solve IT problems, one thoughtful support call at a time.


To improve workplace efficiency and profitability of the world’s organizations while advancing the reliability and internal reputation of their IT departments by focusing on end-user support.


To be the industry standard administrator of private label, tailor-made IT support solutions.